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Tigres U.A.N.L.


Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, often known simply as Tigres, is a popular Mexican professional football Primera División.  The nickname "Tigres", which means "Tigers", originates from the University's sporting history. The first sports team from the UANL was an American Football team called "Cachorros" (or puppies/kittens). In 1947 they won a key match against the "Black Cats", an undefeated side, and a journalist from El Norte wrote that the team had played less like puppies and more like Tigers, and since then teams from the University have carried the nickname.  Tigres has won Primera División de México 2 times (1978 & 1982), Copa Mexico (1976 & 1996), Primera Division "A" (1996 & 1997), Segunda División club from Monterrey, Mexico, which plays in the (1974), Interliga (2005 & 2006) and Superliga in (2009).


Mexico's third-largest city, Monterrey is the most important business center in the northern states. As a bustling metropolis, Monterrey has a wealth of attractions to keep visitors busy and entertained. The Museo de Artes Contemporaneos (MARCO) is the city's premier forum for the arts and is a beautiful, modern facilty in the heart of the Macroplaza area. History buffs will be eager to explore the city's Museo de Historia Mexicana, which features history going way back into past millenia, when the Maya, the Aztec, the Olmecs, the Toltecs, and other civilizations ruled the lands. The Alfa Cultural Center is the city's premier science and technology museum. From the delightful urban oasis that is known as the Parque Fundidora, to the rugged mountain oasis that is the Chipinque Mesa, there's a park for every outdoor enthusiast.
The Estadio Universitario – nicknamed El Volcán ("the volcano") – is a stadium property of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, located in San Nicolás. The stadium is home to the UANL Tigres. Originally built for the American Football Team UANL Autenticos Tigres, it was later given to Sinergia Deportiva as part of Tigres assets. This Stadium hosted several matches of the FIFA World Cup in 1986. It has also hosted matches of the Copa Libertadores de América in 2005 and in 2006.

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